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Need money, shit happened, will do the start of a commission stream tonight.

$40 normal sized characters, no animations or large sequences please.

Note me on DA/FA with what you want.
Hey I'm sorry unless I've already started it or actually owe you I need to cancel all gifts I promised, I will try to make it up to you.
Aiming to do a commission stream tomorrow, featuring those small things I did recently!
Planning to start between 8:30 to 9 AM EST.
Will have pricing information up tomorrow morning.
Until further notice all holiday gifts are suspended/cancelled, water heater just blew.

Hey heads up having a pretty bad tech issue on one computer so it will mess up my work some for awhile, sorry.
Sorry for ending the stream massive random picarto errors.
Opening six commission slots, 5 frames max for sequences, 2 characters per frame max.  No animations. Standard character size is $30 each, anything else needs estimated.  Commissions will be handled first come first serve in order of who comes to an agreement on everything.  Send me a note or Skype  or whatever.

1: Fernin
2: Treforce
3: Ekoi
4: ShinySteel
5: Tenkoman
6: Maria
7: ZeroForever
(Bumped it up since multiple entries at one time)

EDIT: Will get a proper list in a bit, if we have talked by this point about it today, your good, keep sending information
I wasn't gonna advertise I did but eh what the hell, I'm not leaving Skype or anything so you dont need to add me on their as well if you dont want just for anyone that wants me there as I wont be able to upload art for a few days you can talk to me or some shit.

Ok wont be streaming today so based on something someone said in stream, they asked if I would do a DA/FA question and answer thing, I hadn't considered it as I figured my tumblr account handled it.  But in reality that is less popular than the other two galleries, so I might as well.

So if you've ever had something you wanted to ask me go for it!
So :iconthefwank: tagged me with this question thing.

1), Post these Rules
2), Post 8 Facts about your OC/Character
3), Tag 8 other OCs/characters
4), Post their names as well as their owners
5), (( NO TAG BACKS ))"

So apparently TheFwank wanted to know about this thing.

Mature Content

Peer Pressure Virus by CaseterMK

This is tough as I suck at these, and there really isnt a story here but lets try it!

1) The whole point of this character existing is just because enough people told me to design a character so they could draw it, so I did.

2) I don't have any set up like "story" for them as they don't really have any characterization or anything just whatever art or a concept throws them into.

3) Contrary to what it appears they are normally a guy, that just gets drawn WAY less.

4) They can see just fine, I just find that a fun visual design, that makes them VAGUELY identifiable.

5) They get used for tfs alot, as a whole how they feel about it depends on the situation, so they can be ok with it, or have mental changes ,or hate it, anything works.

6) On the other hand they never really get used for like an intentional tf, so they never go out of their way to be tfed or whatever, its just whatever happens.

7) The character only really "took off" in any regard after I used them as a way to not screw myself out of an entry for the beach contest, using them as an example to avaoid using someone like Princess Peach and not remove them from the contest.

8) They don't really have a name and thanks to me having different screen names on different sites its hard to actually tag the character in art of them since it changes with sites what they're called.

Now for the part where I'm meant to tag others.  If I tag you I'm sorry, you can ignore me.

:iconsampleguy: either your like avatar insert guy, or your new Transformo Woman.
:iconquarma: Frost cause why not.
:iconsutibaruart: Subi why not.

:iconblackshirtboy: Well obviously BSB, otter or not hey.
:iconbalkoga: Any of them.
:iconpainfulelegy: Whats up with Hoffi
:iconangelaquila: So whats this Cade guy about?
:iconekoi: Er of Ekoi
:icondeiser: Well Deiser
Since these help get ideas in orders sometimes.
Mental changes? Do you like them? If so how far do you like, full mind changes, new personality but old memories, none at all but them freaking out, none at all but them liking it? Something else or just don't like them?
Ok here are the results for this commission set.
Note this is just a rough list don't expect them to be completed in this order, a few people have requested to go later than they are listed here.  Plus some are sequences and some are standalones.

Hey if you are underage I have no way of knowing or stopping you from coming, if you announce you are underage I need to remove you from the stream, sorry no other way around it, nothing personal just needs done.
1. I make things far too shiny, they just are, is this an issue? Should I stop?

2. Lips I make them too large, this an issue?  Should I stop?

3. I make breasts way huge, should I stop?

Hey I REALLY hate to like beg for feedback but, man this sounds bad, but could people maybe give me more comments on my submissions, I mean even freaking basic I like this or I dislike this, doesn't even need to be why, just something.   I'm in this weird area where I'm getting like 4-9 people leaving comments across all the sites I'm on and its starting to feel like no one is really around anymore.
Ok wow thanks for all the input on the tf survey thing people!  Seems most people prefer the character still being semi recognizable.  But a decent amount seemed ok with going crazy out with it if it was a full sequence.
I'll keep that all in mind when going forward on some projects.

Now new question less important, a fair amount of people have asked me to try to make a tutorial recently.  I REALLY don't think I'm good enough to do this, I'm a bad teacher, and I still have massive art issues frequently.  But I should ask is this a thing people want?  I mean if theres a decent demand I'll try to do one sometime.
Just a random question I've been considering.

In a tf do you prefer the final tf form to have some recognizable features from the original character?
Or do you prefer going all out and making the character look completely different and not obviously that character tfed?
Hi everyone just got a big thing handled it seems. Current plans, going to do all non animation and game work back to back to clear them out.

I cant locate my list again yay.

Now, going thru my notes here, they are a mess, and I'm having a hard time finding the confirmed commissions I'm to do, before August 15th. If you have an agreed to commission you placed please contact me.…